Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Using Vim Tabs Instead of Multiple Vim Instances

... I found out that you can open multiple files in tabs with one instance of vim, instead of across multiple instances of vims in different terminal windows!

vim -p *.py
Will open all python source files in the current directory in tabs inside vim.

gt and gT will move forwards and backwards in your tab list.

If you want to create a new tab with vim already running, use the following command:

Slow SSH Password Prompt

... I finally solved a small, but annoying issue I'd been having with SSH. I think it'd been happening since our newer VMs started using Centos6 instead of 5.

It was taking the guts of 10 seconds for the password prompt to appear whenever I  tried to SSH into the server.

I found that this was caused by some sort of reverse DNS lookup being done on my host.

Arsebiscuits to that!

Make sure that GSSAPIAuthentication is set to no as follows in /etc/ssh/sshd_config:

GSSAPIAuthentication no
Then restart your sshd service.
... I am dying.

Finished work, went to the pub for one and then on to a mate's gaff for what turned into "The Ryan Dunn Drinking Game". This simple affair involved drinking every time Ryan Dunn appeared in shot during Jack Ass 3 and lead to extreme inebriation in a very short space of time.